Monday, 15 October 2012

(Not set) - data missing - why?

You're seeing (Not set) in your Google Analytics. This is a really boring problem to have.

Here's a short list of possible reasons.

The fixable (like having your dog neutered)?

  • AdWords and Google Analytics not linked at all
  • AdWords and Google Analytics linked incorrectly, or costs not applied.
  • Data not sent by clicks (auto-tagging not on in AdWords).

The unfixable (aka Ben Affleck's movie career):

  • Data not in that report (e.g. keywords for display network, or dynamic ads).
  • Data blocked by browser behaviour (e.g. SSL not sending referers).

If you are truly concerned, and you can't fix yourself, and you can call the A-team. Murdoch has a massive tool for the job, I hear.

Failing that your Google Account Manager, or friendly Google Analytics professional. Ask nicely.

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