Monday, 29 October 2012

Why and how to segment?

Are your users all the same? Really?

Let's take a simple example. "New Visitors" are people who have never visited your site before. People who have come back - "Returning Visitors". Two built in segments.

Do these two groups behave differently with AdWords with some real data? Let's find out.

So looking at the Advertising, AdWords, Campaigns section we see this:

What to make of that data? New Visitors have a goal completion rate of about 2%, but Returning Visitors have 4.2%*.

Are Returning Visitors worth more here? Should we bid more for them? Re-target to them? All fun experiments to do and answers to find.

Answers on a postcard.

* 2% goal completion rate here is 3435 / 171917, rounded.