Tuesday, 2 October 2012

What the feck is attribution?

A common question I get asked is "What's attribution?". Here's one answer - 42. OK Ok ...

the story begins:

Meet Aaron, he's 24, young, full of life, uses too much hair product, and works in MacDonalds.

Aaron is going to Malaga and wants to book a car.

So he searches for "Car Hire Malaga" and sees this ad.

He clicks on ad 1 and browses, but doesn't book.

Some time passes. Pay day comes. Horray for the big mac.

Aaron then searches for "Hertz Car Hire" and clicks on this ad 2:


He books his car.

Which ad gets paid? 1, 2, both* or neither?
Write your answer down on a scrap of paper.


The answer: You're wrong.

There probably isn't a true right answer.

Answering that question is Attribution.

Now go eat some french fries. Subliminal messaging works.

* And if both, split 50:50, 90/10, or other?

P.s. I have more pointless stories using Michael (he's multi channel, geddit?). And Gonzales - always in a hurray. Comment for more or less amusing versions of this.

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